Since 2013, we are making our mission to ensure every business of any size can employ world-class data security.

Many businesses today struggle to keep up with shifting technology and increasing data storage needs. Maintaining a server room environment is costly and challenging. IT needs to focus on the business, not maintaining infrastructure, yet too much time and effort go into basic data security and backup while critical business services wait for attention. Lack of optimization can balloon hardware costs and space needs beyond your capacity. Halton Data Center exists to take these burdens off your shoulders. Our team of experts steps in where you need us, supporting you to optimize your servers and cloud services, securing your data with a controlled environment, controlled access, consistent backup, and fast disaster recovery. We are here with you on your journey of growth.

We care about your data. We have tackled the strategic and operational challenges of some of Canada’s key organizations as they navigated the shifting nature of data security and customer demands. As companies move to increased cloud storage, these challenges continue to evolve. Seeing businesses struggle with the balance between flexibility and security, We became determined to bring real, cost-effective solutions that let start-ups ramp up with confidence, and open the North American market to more small, mid-sized and international organizations. Halton Data Center is the culmination of that dream. Bringing the best of hardware and software expertise to customize your data solutions, The Halton Data Center team demonstrates their commitment to your success every day. At Halton Data Center, we walk beside you, offering expertise and ideas that expand your capacity, hone your efficiency, increase your agility, and serve your customers seamlessly.


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