Have you heard about Social Collaboration?
It will transform the way you collaborate

Heard about Social Collaboration? It is an incredible tool that will transform the way your teams and customers collaborate. It is your private and secure social media service for your business where your teams and other members share discussions, thoughts, opinions, likes, documents, comments, status, and tasks. We use it daily at HDC.

The very goal of Social Collaboration tools is to help organizations collaborate freely and use the full potential of each of its employees and customers along the way.

Traditional Collaboration focuses on the "know-what"

  • Collections of documents

  • Emails

  • Specifications

  • Policies

  • Reports

Ignite your business by changing the way information is exchanged among your team; remove the unnecessary barriers.  Capture the knowledge deeply rooted in your company to give you a competitive edge by using a natural social approach.  Go from the "know-what" on paper to the "know-how" in people's heads.  Drive the engagement with your customers and your team.

Social Collaboration focuses on the "know-how"

  • Conversations

  • Discussions, questions & answers

  • Informal interactions

  • Emerging experts and their opinions

  • Thought leadership

The company-wide benefits of Social Collaboration are based on the two fundamental aspects of the organization: (1) It's operation efficiency, and (2) It's business growth.  The viral effect of the social approach bolsters engagement with your teams and customers with profound ROI impacts.  

The inherent structure of sales organizations provides even more business benefits.  The time to close a deal is dramatically improved by ensuring that stakeholders are closely collaborating in the different stages of the deal and following the progress in real-time while avoiding confusing email chains.

A study conducted by Jive found that organizations using social collaboration saw up to 15% improvement in productivity and up to 38% improvements in job satisfaction.  It also found that organizations were able to shorten their deal cycles by more than 20%, and it also reduces the creation time of marketing material by more than 25%.

Corporate communications and alignment are one of the most impacted areas of the organization, leading to better strategic alliance amongst team members. 


Allowing customers to participate and collaborate closely with your organization creates exceptional opportunities that drive compelling engagements and definite competitive advantages.  Customer-facing engagements lead to higher customer satisfaction and lower support costs. 

NuajSpace is managed social collaboration tool from Halton DC.  Here are some of its features.

 Everything Social - Create your activity stream by posting your status and progress, add your likes and comments to any document or interaction, add your vote to a question.  Stay up-to-moment informed of projects by following its activity stream.

 Secure Intranet Cloud Portal - Access your secure space using your browser from anywhere on the planet.

 Role-based Membership -  Control what users see and do by assigning role and memberships that define their activities and access permission to spaces and content.

 Document Management - Share documents with a group or individuals without clogging your email while maintaining access control.

 Mobile Support - NuajSpace is also automatically formatted for mobile devices to allow teams to keep collaborating on-the-go.  Subscribe to your NuajSpace news feed.

 Project Calendar - Have a common project calendar that your team can subscribe to, allowing them to follow progress on tasks and milestones. 

 Spaces and Destinations - Create a virtually unlimited number of spaces to add wiki's, forum, documents, FAQs, and calendars.

 Collaboration - Use wiki's, forums, voting, sharing of documents and project calendar to promote collaboration amongst your team.

 Ask any Questions - Ask specific questions to the group and manage the answers.

 Vote on Anything - Asks peoples opinion by voting on proposed answers.  Votes are automatically managed and updated in real-time.

 Dashboard - Personalized dashboard to see the important project status. 

NuajSpace is one of the many ready-to-use managed services that Halton Data Center offers. Have a look and request access at https://community.nuaj.co

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