Why not have your server colocation in Canada?
Colocation in Canada - International organizations can migrate data centers with confidence

Why not have your server colocation in Canada?  International organizations can migrate data centers with confidence

Canada is a great place to house your servers and data for both Canadian and American customers. American data accounts for a rapidly growing segment of the Canadian data center business.


The Halton Data Center (HDC) provides an excellent hosting infrastructure for diverse organizations. Startups and established customers. The HDC colocation data center is fully redundant with ultra-modern direct network access to tier-1 hubs.  

Why in Canada with Halton Data Centers:

Privacy - In contrast to the USA Patriot Act, the Canada Privacy Act does not allow government institutions to collect personal information unless it is directly related to the institution or government operations.

     Favorable exchange rate - 1 US dollar can buy about 1.32 Canadian dollars.  A gain of 30 points.

     Climate and Power - Canadian cheap power and cold weather are advantages for server infrastructure. "Free cooling" can reduce cooling costs as much as 50 percent.         

Political environmentAccording to the Data Centre Risk Index, Canada is one of the top safest picks to host your data.  

Skilled labor - Canada’s tech scene is thriving. Toronto recently made waves on the web with the news that the Ontario capital had become North America’s fastest-growing tech market.

Halton Data Center - A full-service data center, including colocation and Cloud services, in the suburb of Toronto. Colocation and Cloud services with direct connectivity to the primary North American communications hub for global telecommunications carriers.  Easy access from Toronto Pearson International Airport and Buffalo-Niagara International Airport. 

For further information visit  https://haltondc.com/ Tel 1-855-432-3282

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